West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

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General WVMBA News

West Virginia Mountain Bike Association | News, Articles, and More - o!Pam
  • Spring Big Bear Lake Trail Clean Up Day, March 29
    Come out and help us get the trails cleaned up after a long winter. We will meet at the front parking lot at 10am and probably work until 3pm.
  • Next WVMBA meeting this Saturday and pre-Jack Frost ride!
    Next WVMBA meeting this Saturday!
  • WVMBA Board Meeting. This weekend!
    WVMBA Board Meeting, Coming up this weekend!
  • Black Bear Weekend, August 9-10, 2014, Kanawha State Forest, WV
    Enduro, Short Track, Cross Country and FREE camping. The Tearjerkers have it all and they want you to join them! Special award for best overall male/female experts - points awarded at each race - highest total - King and Queen of the Bear!
  • Canaan Mtb Festival/ Lake Hope This Weekend
    Do you feel like goin fast or do you feel like group riding with friends in Canaan? The reality is gas is expensive, so again it is probably more to do with your location on the map than anything. Lake Hope has fast singletrack over near Athens and Canaan has well, Canaan! Rough and tough and don't take no stuff from lightweight bike components and thin tire sidewalls.
  • Dirt Rag and Joeys Bike Shop Signed on as Sponsors For Cheat Mtn Ultra
    Free Dirt Rag Swag to all participants! Thanks be to Joeys for providing the prize table. The Ultra Series is gaining notoriety as the best all-day fun on a bike you can get. Regardless of your speed it just takes determination to make it to the finish. Hammer has the checkpoints fully stocked to keep you feeling strong on the course and some Recoverite at the finish. THESE RACES ARE NOT EXPERT ONLY!! SPORTS BRING IT ON DOWN AND GAIN SOME SERIOUS FITNESS!!! (Beginners might want to do the Lite)
  • Roadies Beware, Massanutten Throws Down The Real Mountain Bike Experience
    If you don't like hazards, you best stay off Massanuttens trails, especially Kaylors Knob. Rock garden after rock garden tested your technical ability, and the supa-dupa rocky creek bed made you walk at least once, I don't care who you were or what bike you had. Plenty of climbing, but the downhills made up for it. 5 times up the mountain meant 5 times down!
  • Massanutten Hoo-Ha! Promises Epic Ride to XXC Racers
    GO LONG at the WVMBA ULTRA SERIES! Its a long ways over that mountain, but they have some great trails there that keep getting better every year, making it worth the drive. Kaylor's Knob has some unforgettable rock gardens and a switchback DH into the valley below. They will have limited on-site registration, so please pre-register on-line if at all possible beforehand to save some hassle.
  • Why I Didn't Beat You In The Race - Top 10 Reasons
    Read on and see if anyone has hit you with these right after you passed them or after the finish.
  • WVMBA / IMBA EPIC RIDE Off Spruce Knob is the Ride of a Lifetime
    What's more epic than climbing up to the highest point in WV and then dropping off all the way on singletrack? Nothing that I've ridden, let me tell you. Shorter vehicle shuttle options are available if you want to burn the gas in two cars to do it. This ride has awesome views, technical singletrack descents, and killer climbing, what more do you need?
  • The Pain in the Wayne!
    If you didn't hurt a little on this course you just train too dern much. Steep climb after steep climb was sure to make your legs soft, with some crazy steep slick downhills where you saw tracks where someone had already gone off the edge. RVMBA has done a great job building and maintaining these trails. Its great trail organizations like this that provide the awesome trails for our race series. Without them there would be no trails and therefore no races.
  • Ultra Series vs. Point Series Showdown!
    No not really, the Wayne kept its date from last year, but Crying Wolf Challenge had to be this weekend to fit in with their title sponsors plans. We try not to have conflicting dates within our own series, but this just worked out this way. Click here to see if you are an Ultra racer or Points Series racer.
  • Go Long at the Wayne Ultra Outside of Marietta Ohio
    If you haven't tried an Ultra before, this might be a good one to start with. RVMBA has put a lot of effort into making and maintaining some sweet trails in the Wayne National Forest. Smooth, flowy trails wind up down and around some pretty big hills.
  • 6 Hours of Arrowhead Showcases New Trails in Fayetteville
    You haven't seen the new trails in Fayetteville? Want to get trained up for 2X12 at Big Bear? If you're hardcore try the solo event. Bring a friend(or two) and sign up for the team competition.
  • Douthat Causes Cramped Legs and Smoked Brake Pads
    No hazard markings here. You better hold on tight when you make it to the top and start back down. You rail a pencil-thin singletrack perched on the edge of a cliff going 40 mph, then around a turn comes a 180 degree switchback. Hope you have four-piston Hayes, and even then some are not makeable without posting a foot down and forcing the bike to slide around through the switchback. Cramp your legs on the way up, cramp your arms on the way down, this is good fun if you are brave enough.
  • Jim Christie, Landscape Architect, joins committee to bring NICA into WV
    One step closer to a bid
  • Chief Logan Wilderness Challenge First Southern Stop on the WVMBA Tour
    Come on down to Chief Logan State Park and check out the third race in the WVMBA Series. Moderately technical with sustained climbs, this is good early season training. I know its a long drive from up north, but that's why you need to carpool with your friend and make them pay for gas. See you there!
  • Splashdam Trail Rocks!
    Roadies read no further, but if you like rocky, technical, maneuvery singletrack, this trail is for you. Tucker County Trails really outdid themselves to create a new trail in a slice of heaven known as Canaan. Leave your flimsy lightweight racing garbage at home and bring your full-suspension with beefy tires and your riding skills.
  • High quality trail signs being place in the Johnson T. Janes City Park
    Helping you find your way
  • 458 Volunteer Hours put in at Big Bear / Message From the Little Red Hen
    Trail points are not as restrictive as you think. They do not have to be done in WV for non-local racers. This is not a program to exclude people from our series. Please contact your local trail coordinator or contact us at info@wvmba.com for special arrangements. We would like to thank everyone who pitched in to make sure we had a race course for this weekend!