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West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

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Race Information Racing rules

WVMBA Race Series Rules

Rules For Number Plates:

  • No changes or alterations to a WVMBA number plate are permitted. This includes cutting down size of plate, placing stickers on number plate and any type of writing on plate. If any number plate has been changed from it's original state, a replacement fee of $20.00 for a new number plate will charged to the racer that the number plate was original assigned too and said racer can not compete in a WVMBA event until the plate is replaced.
  • Every rider is required to use the same number plate at each WVMBA event. If a new number plate is required by a racer due to original number plate being lost, left at home or stolen the racer may be charged a $20.00 replacement fee.
  • If plate is lost during a race please notify an WVMBA official after finishing the race. If number plate cannot be located, a new plate will be issued at no charge.

WVMBA XC Point Series Rules:

  • XC Series: 5 to qualify, top 6 + Pay Dirt trail points + final = total
    You can receive up to 20 Pay Dirt trail points
  • The West Virginia Mountain Bike Association (WVMBA) Point Series allows competitors to accumulate points towards a yearly championship status.
  • WVMBA attempts to compose a series of sanctioned races that are judged as historically exceptional events. WVMBA expects to award over $10,000 in cash and prizes to series champions at the conclusion of the final series race.
  • The goal of the series is to encourage racers to participate in more races and generally improve the quality of MTB racing in WV.
  • Points are awarded to the finishers in each class based on 20 pts. for 1st, 19 pts. for 2nd, 18 pts. for 3rd, etc.
  • One point will be awarded to those finishing 20th place and below.
  • All WVMBA Point Series events must include all of the standard WVMBA Classes regardless of field size. Classes may not be combined.
  • In case of ties, the racer with the most 1st places, 2nd places or 3rd places, etc. will win. In the case that the tie remains, additional next best scores from other WVMBA Point Series Races may be included one-at-a-time to break the tie.
  • The following classes will be recognized at WVMBA XC races:
    XC Classes
      Pro / Expert
    • Men Open (Pro/Ex)
    • Women Open (Pro/Ex)
    • Junior
    • Veteran 35+
    • Masters 45+
    • Single Speed
    • Men Open
    • Women Open
    • Junior
    • Men Veteran 35+
    • Women Veteran 35+
    • Masters 45+
    • Grand Masters 55+
    • Clydesdale (200lbs +)
    • Men Open
    • Women Open
    • Youth 8-11
    • Youth 12-14
    • Just For Fun! ** non-series class
  • All age classifications are based on racers age on December 31st of the current year.
  • Race organizers may opt to create additional ability categories within the age classifications but official WVMBA classes will be recognized for points in the WVMBA Points Championship Series.
  • Race organizers may create various Beginner classes which, likewise, will not be scored in the series.
  • For purposes of racing a sufficient number of times to qualify for the Points Series, races completed outside of recognized Points Series classes will qualify as "races" although no series points will be awarded for those races.
  • Note: The sport of mountain biking is about camaraderie and sportsmanship. A big part of sportsmanship is honor. We don't believe that this sport should ever need mountain bike police. Each racer is on his honor and is expected to know and understand WVMBA rules when signing up for a race. We ask that you follow these rules and sign up for the class in which you would normally race. Whether you race USAC or have any other license is irrelevant.

WVMBA Ultra and Ultra-Lite Series Rules:

  • Ultra Series: 3 to qualify, top 3 + final = total
  • Ultra-Lite Series: 2 to qualify, top 2 + final = total
  • Points are awarded to the finishers in each class based on 20 pts. for 1st, 19 pts. for 2nd, 18 pts. for 3rd, etc.
  • One point will be awarded to those finishing 20th place and below.
  • In case of ties, the racer with the most 1st places, 2nd places or 3rd places, etc. will win. In the case that the tie remains, additional next best scores from other WVMBA Point Series Races may be included one-at-a-time to break the tie.
  • The following classes will be recognized at WVMBA Ultra races:
      Ultra Classes
    • Men Open
    • Women Open
    • Masters 45+
    • Single Speed
      Ultra-Lite Classes (no Ultra-Lite class in VA Ultra races)
    • Men
    • Women
  • All age classifications are based on racers age on December 31st of the current year.

WVMBA Enduro Series Rules:

  • Enduro Series: 2 to qualify, top 3 + final = total
  • The following classes will be recognized at WVMBA Enduro races:
      Enduro Classes
    • Pro/Ex Men
    • Pro/Ex Women
    • Hardtail
    • Sport Men
    • Sport Women

General Racing Rules:

  1. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. All racers are expected to understand and comply with these rules.
  2. Racers shall complete the entire event on the same bicycle with the exception of cyclocross races where bike exchange can only be done in approved areas.
  3. Racers must perform their own bike repairs.
  4. Racers must carry their own spare parts and tools. Cannibalizing of other bikes is not permitted.
  5. Food and water can be taken from anyone, anywhere on the course.
  6. Racers taking food or water must not impede the progress of other racers.
  7. Racers riding bicycles have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles. When practical, racers pushing should yield the most rideable portion of the trail when being passed.
  8. A racer pushing or carrying his or her bicycle can overtake a racer riding his bicycle provided that it does not interfere with the riding racer.
  9. Riders must alert those they are passing (lapping) vocally using the announcements "PASSING on your LEFT (RIGHT)!" or "TRACK LEFT (RIGHT)!" It is the responsibility of the passing rider to overtake safely. Riders being lapped must yield at the first reasonable opportunity.
  10. When two riders are vying for position, the leading rider does not necessarily have to yield position to the challenging rider. However, a rider may not bodily interfere, intending to impede another rider's progress; this is considered to be highly unsportsmanlike behavior.
  11. Short-cutting the course by any racer shall result in a disqualification.
  12. Foul riding, use of profane or abusive language and other unsportsmanlike behavior will be taken very seriously. Such behavior by any racer shall result in a warning or disqualification. This will be strictly applied when such behavior is directed at course officials, volunteers or spectators. The penalty imposed is at the discretion of the race director.
  13. Federal, state and county laws and ordinances will be abided by at all times.
  14. Only riders officially registered in the event or persons designated by the promoter should ride on the race course during the event.
  15. Protests can be made only by registered racers. Protests will be made in writing and delivered to the race director any time after the end of the race, up to 30 minutes after the posting of the final results. Protests should contain any information that supports the protest, including description of the incident, witnesses, names, addresses, phone numbers and signature of protester. A $25 fee shall be submitted, in cash, with the protest. The race director, after his own discovery, will promptly rule on the protest. The fee will be forfeited to the race director if the protest is denied or refunded if the protest is upheld.
  16. The race director has the final say in any ruling.
  17. Wearing of a helmet is mandatory while warming-up for, or racing in, any WVMBA sanctioned event.
  18. Bicycles shall be in good repair with both front and rear brakes in good working order.
  19. Violation of any of the above rules may result in disqualification.


  • Racing in a class that has an ability level below that which a racer possesses is sandbagging. Sandbagging is not cool!

Category Upgrading:

  • You may advance as quickly as you wish. Otherwise, as a rule of thumb for beginner and sport racers, you should advance to the next higher class the following year after placing in the top five of five races in any given season. (Note: Upgrade carefully, downgrading never looks good!)