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West Virginia Mountain Bike Association Points Series

The West Virginia Mountain Bike Association (WVMBA) Points Series allows competitors to accumulate points towards a yearly championship status. WVMBA attempts to compose a series of sanctioned races that are judged as historically exceptional events. WVMBA expects to award over $4,000 in cash and prizes to series champions at the conclusion of the final series race. The goal of the series is to encourage racers to participate in more races, participate in trail work, and generally improve the quality of mountain bike riding and racing in WV.

Series Points:

XC Points Series: Top 6 (5 to qualify) = Series Champion
Points for each race are awarded to the finishers in each class based on a 20 point system.
  • 20 points for 1st
  • 19 points for 2nd
  • 18 points for 3rd
  • etc
One point will be awarded to those finishing 20th place and below.
To qualify for the XC series, the racer shall complete a minimum of 5 series races. The racer's final series points standings will be calculated based on the total points from the racer's best 6 races.
Race Podiums

Race Classes:

All WVMBA Point Series events must include all of the standard WVMBA Classes regardless of field size. These classes may not be combined.
The following classes will be recognized at WVMBA XC races:
  • Male Open
  • Female Open
  • Vet (35+)
  • Masters (45+)
  • Singlespeed
  • Male Open
  • Female Open
  • Boys (14-17)
  • Girls (14-17)
  • Male Vet (35+)
  • Female Vet (35+)
  • Masters (45+)
  • Grand Masters (55+)
  • Clydesdale (> 200lbs)
  • Male E-bike *
  • Female E-bike *
* Not available at all races
  • Male Open
  • Female Open
  • Boys (14-17)
  • Boys (12-13)
  • Girls (12-13)
  • Boys (11 & under)
  • Girls (11 & under)
  • Just for Fun (non-series)
Non-Series Class
  • Just For Fun!
(points are not tracked)
All age classifications are based on racers age on December 31st of the current year. Race organizers may opt to create additional ability categories within the age classifications but only official WVMBA classes will be recognized for points in the WVMBA Points Championship Series. Races completed outside of recognized Points Series classes will not qualify as "races" and no series points will be awarded for those races.
Note: The sport of mountain biking is about camaraderie and sportsmanship. A big part of sportsmanship is honor. We don't believe that this sport should ever need mountain bike police. Each racer shall behave honorably and is expected to know and understand WVMBA rules when signing up for a race. We ask that you follow these rules and sign up for the class in which you would normally race. Whether you race USAC or have any other license is irrelevant.

Number Plates:

WVMBA Numbrer Plates
No changes or alterations to a WVMBA number plate are permitted, this includes cutting down the size of the number plate, placing stickers on the number plate, or any type of writing on the front of the number plate. If any number plate has been changed from its original state, a replacement fee of $5.00 for a new number plate will be charged to the racer that the number plate was originally assigned to and the racer cannot compete in a WVMBA event until the plate is replaced. Every rider is required to use the same number plate at each WVMBA event. If a new number plate is required by a racer due to the original number plate being lost, left at home, or stolen the racer may be charged a $5.00 replacement fee. If the number plate is lost during a race, please notify a WVMBA official after finishing the race.


The final race of the series breaks ties. (Example: Racer 1 & Racer 2 both have 100 points after the final race points are calculated. The winner of that final race is the series winner). If neither racer races the final race, the racer who completed the most races in the series wins the series. If they have the same amount of completed races, the racer with the most 1st place finishes, 2nd place finishes or 3rd place finishes, etc. will win. If still tied, the racer who completed the series final race is declared the winner. If they both complete the same last race, that race will be the tie breaker.

General Rules:

E-bike Rules:


Racing in a class that has an ability level below that which a racer possesses is sandbagging. Sandbagging is not cool!

Category Upgrading:

You may advance as quickly as you wish. Otherwise, as a rule of thumb for beginner and sport racers, you should advance to the next higher class the following year after placing in the top five of five races in any given season. (Note: Upgrade carefully, downgrading never looks good!)

Series Payout and Awards:

Series payouts and awards will be provided at the final series race of either series. If a racer is eligible for a series payout and/or an award and cannot attend the final race of the series, the payout will be mailed out to the racer. Awards will not be mailed-out so the racer must make arrangements with WVMBA to pick-up at a bike shop, at a following season race, or at an in-person WVMBA board meeting. Series payouts are cash or check for Expert classes and gift certificates redeemable at retailers sponsoring WVMBA for all other eligible classes.
USA Cycling

USA Cycling

By partnering with USA Cycling we are joining a larger point series along with gaining affordable focused insurance for our promoters, land managers, and participants. Each WVMBA Sanctioned race is a qualifying race for the National series. By being part of these available points we have a larger draw. Racers in other states can participate in our race and get points through the USA Cycling body allowing them to move up the ranks in the National Series.

USA Cycling Representative

MATT WAITE | Senior Event Services Regional Manager
USA Cycling
Durham, NC Based
M: 719.229.3338 | E: mwaite@usacycling.org
210 USA Cycling Point | Colorado Springs, CO 80919
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